Thread: Difference b/w int* p1 and int *p1

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    Quote Originally Posted by itsme86
    You guys just don't understand the true power of obscuring data types. Its ability to create chaos and mass confusion is immense. Wielding that power makes you god-like. BUHAHAHAHA.
    You and this guy think way too much alike.
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    yeah, the guide's great (I wanted to post a link to it but i was to slow), but if you read the jgloss index page, he'd said "read the 'How to write unmaintainable code' guide, and avoid it's advice", or something like that

    anyway, i use int *x always. just the same reason.
    maybe the thread starter will put a poll here. we'll all know if there are more (int* x)-ers or more (int *x)-ers.

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