I'm new to programming and I'm trying to compile a C program. I'm using Borland C++ 5.01 on Windows XP.

I can get the program to compile but it doesn't run correctly. I'm not sure if I'm including all of the correct files in the project. Here is what I'm doing:

I open up Borland and create a new project. I add the following nodes to the project using borland:
getopt.c, getopt.h, chkarc.c, chkval.c, intsmi.c, main.c, pretco.c,
putch.c, resmi.c, setatomgr.c, tcosmi.c, getopt.h.

In addition to the nodes added through Borland, I place the following include files in the directory where my source is:
chemical.dec, prefer.def, atomgr.inc, atsymb.inc, atomgr.par

I run the program and it compiles. My question is should I actually add the include files in Borland as nodes instead of just placing them in the directory where my source is?