Thread: Getting the loop control form the user

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    Getting the loop control form the user

    A quick question:

    Normally I've seen that the programmer sets the loops control variable for a for statement. How does one get the user to set it?

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    int numtimes, i;
    printf("How many times do you want the loop to run: ");
    for( i = 0; i < numtimes; ++i )
        // Do stuff
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    I got it to work but any feedback is appreciated -can I make it better?(constructive criticism welcome).

    	int		num1, num2;		
    	int		integers;		/* How many numbers the user wants analyzed */
    	int		counter = 0;	/* Allows more than two numbers to be analyzed */
    	int		total;
    	int		smallest;		
    	int		largest;
    	float	average;
    	int total2;
    	printf("Enter number of digits to be analyzed: ");	/* Ask for how many digits are to be analyzed */
    	scanf("%d" , &integers);		
    	printf("Enter the first number: ");	
    	scanf("%d" , &num1);
    	for(counter = 1; counter < integers; counter++){	/* Allows the user to have several numbers analyzed */
    		printf("Enter the next number: ");
    		scanf("%d" , &num2);
    		if(num1 > 2){			/* Sets the smallest and largest numbers */
    			largest = num1;
    			smallest = num2;
    		if(num2 > num1){
    			largest = num2;
    			smallest = num1;
    		if(integers < counter){
    			total = num1 + num2;				/* Totals the numbers */
    	total2 = total + num2;
    	average = (float)total2/counter;		/* Averages the numbers */
    	printf("\n");	/* Prints a blank line */
    	printf("The smallest number is %d\n " , smallest);	/* Prints the smallest number */
    	printf("The largest number is %d \n" , largest);		/* Prints the largest number */
    	printf("The total is %d\n" , total2);					/* Prints the total */
    	printf("The average is %f\n " , average);				/*	Prints the aeverage */
    	return 0;											/*Ends program */
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    Gnu indent would be a start.

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    Gnu indent?
    lol, ya lost me...

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    hey ,

    Y don't you make use of array to hold the numbers. ? you will be able to
    hold the list of number the user has entered.

    you can initialise small & large to say 0 and then compare the number you
    have read to with small and large and make the change to small and large..


     if( num <small)
    you can also do it in online. with conditional operator..

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    you can initialise small & large to say 0
    That's a bad idea. What if the smallest number the user enters is 3. Since small was initialized to 0 then it's going to report false information. A better idea would be to initialize small to INT_MAX and large to INT_MIN.
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