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    Exclamation c-program for a case study!!!

    Hey guys...i've newly joined a software firm, and we've been assigned these assignments...anyone out thesre with patience..plz read this case study-

    Functions required by ur program-
    Add Site
    Create request for space on corporate server
    Administer request for space on corporate server
    Details of the functionalities are as follows:

    User should be able to add site information (name of the website,
    development URL, production URL, country to which the site belongs to,
    various contacts (primary, secondary, developer, manager), technology used
    by the website, platform on which the site is hosted).
    Once the site has been added, the user should be able to create request
    for space on corporate server for the site added. The user should
    provide details of by when the request should be completed, how much of
    space is required.
    When the requester submits his request, a mail should be sent to NSS
    (Administrator) with the details of the request and the link to the
    Once NSS receives the mail, they should go to the Website Repository
    application and complete or rejects the request. The administrator should
    have a comments field. If the request is rejected, the administrator
    should provide reason for rejection.
    A mail should be sent to requester that his/her request has been
    completed or rejected.
    Generate a C Programming Code to implement the above case study

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    Do you have a question? Or are we supposed to assume you were given a job you are incabable of?

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    this thing should be done with PHP , it's usally fit your needs for such an application with no dyanamic view. but if you want it with C..
    you can create some GUI application with blank forms and then a send button , all the information you fill will get into strings and when pressed on 'send' it will generate a *.bat file to telnet in order to send an email. i forgot already how to use telnet but it can send email.
    that thing you program should be very easy to do without GUI but i don't know GUI so i can't tell.
    about the space.. i really cannot tell you how to do it because i don't know but you can use SDL
    the function should be

    addsite() (all the variables should be inside the function)\
    send(pointers of the strings that in addsite)
    createrequest(long textcount, const char ipadress[15], int size, int remainingtime) - it counts the text in the bat file and calculate the bytes and then checks in the server. for easy networking there is the SDL_net library which should be much easier to use than ordinary windows library
    about the space.. i don't know really how to do it.. but if you want to check if there is 100mb left on the server you can create some file that will be 100mb and if there will be error so there is no place left.
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    I must've died and woken up in grammar hell.

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    Show us what you've got so far and we'll see if we can help you. Don't expect us to do your job for you.

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    A perfect example of what happens when someone scams their way through assignments, then buffs their way into a job on the back of it.
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    I'm actually very excited that this got posted. If people this retarded are getting development jobs, I will have a chance!

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