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    can someone please tell me how to read in a record that has variable length fields. The fields are delimited by commas.

    The fields to be read are:
    Student Number (5 digits)
    Student Name (25 characters max.)
    Curriculum Code (3 characters)
    8 Class Work Grades (2 characters max., may be : a+, a, a-, b+, b, b-, c+... f)
    4 Test Grades (3 digits max.)
    Final Exam (3 characters max., [not a mistake!!])

    Sample Record:
    43695,robert hilling,dpi,a+,c-,c,b+,b,d,a,f,100,88,93,82,93

    Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

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    read in the whole line with fgets() and get the parts by using strtok (string.h)
    Hope you don't mind my bad english, I'm Austrian!

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