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    Read() problems

    I am writing an emulator that uses read() to load the contents of a file into an array:
    int load_roms(unsigned char userom[])
    	FILE *romfile; /* Create pointer to ROM file */
    	romfile=fopen(userom,"r"); /* Load apple.rom read-only */
    	if (!romfile) /* Check for problems opening the file */
    		printf("Cannot read %s \n", userom);
    		return 1;
    	int errcheck = read(romfile, &memory[0xF000], 1024); 
    	if(errcheck = -1)
    		printf("ROM-File read error \n");
    	else printf("Bytes Read: %i \n", errcheck);
    	fclose(romfile); /*Close romfile */
    	return 0;
    Whenever I run it, however, read() returns -1! What am I doing wrong?

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    Should it be fread when the file is opened with fopen and read when the file is opened with open?
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    > romfile=fopen(userom,"r");
    You might want "rb", since this is binary data

    > int errcheck = read(romfile, &memory[0xF000], 1024);
    Normal C doesn't allow declarations in the middle of statements.
    You're either using an extension to your compiler, a C99 compiler (still pretty rare) or a C++ compiler.

    > if(errcheck = -1)
    A classic trap - this is an assignment, not a comparison.

    If gcc is your compiler, then the -Wall option would have detected this.
    Other compilers with sensitive warning options also detect this.
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