Thread: printing arrays with concatenation

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    printing arrays with concatenation

    for example i want to use 25 arrays with 6 elements each:
    cell2[]={7,8,9,10,11}.... until cell25[]
    i want to print the content of a cell depending on its number:
    for example, i typed 1, then it will print the elements inside cell1.
    i don't want to use the if statement coz the code will be very long, i guess. Instead i would like to use concatenation
    is it possible for given a variable for the input as n, can i do this
    in this manner i dont have to write many if statements
    i know there is an error... that's why i need your help...i hope i
    have described my question clearly... thanks..

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    Instead of
    Why not
    cells[2][6 ]= {
    Then nested for loops work just like you want them to.
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