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    Segmentation Fault

    My program works fine in Visual C, but when i run it in UNIX, i get a segmentation fault (core dumped) error message...why does this happen...??? I am malloc-ing memory and when I print out the contents of the 2d arrays I malloc-ed, they are where could the error be?

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    show us a piece of code

    normally there shouldn't be an error by porting win32 to unix...

    there must be a bug in your code...
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    Does it run in VC Release Mode ? Debug Mode ( default ) initialises all your variables and pointers... maybe you left some uninitialised but didn't notice.

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    FOr some code, you can view my post titled
    seg fault on unix platform


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    A segmentation fault on UNIX is often the result of dereferencing an ininitialized pointer.

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