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    Would like to better understand memory when it comes to programming. Variables can be assigned values within the program, however the use of pointers makes reference to a memory block instead of the actual variable? Are there different types of memory to consider when programming? What does "stack" mean? Any feedback would be appreciated.


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    >> Are there different types of memory to consider when programming? <<

    Well, yes and no. C is considered the "High-level ASM". Of course there are "types" of memory, but C doesn't specify the types. For instance, to set aside memory, you declare a variable/pointer.

    There is a keyword you can use, though. The "register" keyword checks the CPU and puts the var in the register (memory of the chip) so it is quicker accessed.


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    something about register!

    this keyword suggest the cpu to put it in the register - but if it doesn't fit in there - it isn't forced to overwrite data in the register

    every C program has 4 memory types!

    stack, heap, global variable and code!

    stack is a LIFO memory - Last In First Out

    it is a very fast memory so you should use it for count variables in loops (every local variable is pushed on the stack or register)
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