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    C Programming Question

    How do I both allow a user to input some formula such as X + 1 then allow myself to use that formula to produce some output such as x = 3; 3+1 =4; output: 4?

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    Uh, that's nat that simple!

    You have to write a parser on your own. In the book "C++ Complete Reference", Herbert Schildt discribes how to write such a parser...
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    Are you the same one who's posted this question 3 times already? Do something like the following to parse the string entered by the user then use your favorite switch statement to do the calculation.
    int main(){
    	char array[] = "x+x*3", *p = &array[0];
    	char y = '5';
    	while(*p != '\0'){
    		if(*p == 'x')
    			*p = y;
    	return 0;
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