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    Exclamation want to move bmp

    i am making a program in which i want to move damons and saints. i am making it in Turbo C++. so can somebody tell me how to draw them and move them. i think drawing them through pixels is bit bigger. so is there any alternative like drawing them like in paint and then store in C++ to use it in my program.
    thanks in advance.

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    Standard C or C++ doesn't support bitmaps or even graphics! so you have to use a Graphics-Library!

    I don't know if Turbo C++ offers such a library - but if not, I suggest you to use Allegro
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    Best to start by simply drawing them. Then once you get the hang of that we can talk about moving them, because both operations tend to get complicated. There are quite a few ways to draw graphics, you can search google for OpenGL or DirectX, or you can go here for a basic rundown.

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    dear friends,
    there is support for graphics in TurboC++.
    in that i can make small photos by using pixel command as per I know, but i want a simple method than that one but only in TurboC++.

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