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    using information from an array

    i have a scanf that puts an equation such as: x*x+x-2 into an array. what i want to do with the array is thus... use the equation to calculate something somehow. i am unable to say blah = array because it is trying to assign the array to blah. how can i utilize the information inserted into the array as an equation rather than simply information in the array? please at least reply letting me know if i have not provided enough information. thank you.

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    Java Script eval() Equivalent Needed

    I take it that you have the formula held in a string and wish to excute it as a program instruction? Certainly you can do this in Java Script ( which is a a sort of C derived language ) using the eval function eg


    gives "35" etc. You can use it to pass programs around the net as strings and execute them. For instance, if you have an asp routine on a server you can pass variables or even lines of code to a Java Script program on the client machine. This can hugely speed up web sites by cutting out the long wait every time the client pushes a button ( because all the code is on his machine already )

    Now for C and an awful confession! I only have three days C programming experience and it will take me at least three more days ( four if I have to understand pointers ) to become an expert.

    So, does C have an equivalent function to eval??

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    Not that I know of. I don't know how to use what the user enters as an actual computable equation in my code, I only know how to edit or view the array that I stored it in.

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    Yeah... That's exactly my problem.

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