Thread: converting string to integer, for further use

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    converting string to integer, for further use

    before you flame me, ive tried both strtol AND atoi and they dont work.

    im trying to convert a string to and intger. when i display the string on screen, it is perfect (122). but when i make a folder with the contents of this string, it comes out really wierd.

    i tried strtol and atoi but it doesnt make a difference.

    my attempt:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <windows.h>
    char streaminput[BUFSIZ] = "#RAWWAASFRAMEA,COM1,9,68.0,SATTIME,1263,126458.000,00000000,58e4,1522,22,122,62,5663456345dba43623443efdaef3245345fea32534562663462323c000,22*d04567cde";	
    char wasteitems[BUFSIZ] = "#RAWWAASFRAMEA SATTIME COM ; , * .";
    //output array of filtering stage
    char *filteredstream;
    char *firstfilter;
    char *secondfilter;
    char *thirdfilter;
    char *fourthfilter;
    char *decodweek;
    char *decodtime;
    char *seventhfilter;
    char *eigthfilter;
    char *ninthfilter;
    char *tenthfilter;
    char *eleventhfilter;
    char *decodPRN;
    char *decodmsgtype;
    char *decodmsg;
    char *fifteenthfilter;
    char *decodPRC;
    int intPRN;
    char decoddate[9] = "20 06 05";  // ONLY FOR TEST!!!
    int main()
    printf( "remaining data:\n" );
    firstfilter = strtok( streaminput, wasteitems );
    //****************Opens a file in the temp folder to write temp array to************//
    secondfilter = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    thirdfilter = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    fourthfilter = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    decodweek = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    printf( "\n decodweek: %s", decodweek );
    decodtime = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    printf( "\n decodtime: %s", decodtime );
    seventhfilter = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    eigthfilter = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    ninthfilter = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    tenthfilter = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    eleventhfilter = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    decodPRN = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    printf( "\n decodPRN: %s", decodPRN );
    decodmsgtype = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    printf( "\n decodmsgtype: %s", decodmsgtype );
    decodmsg = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    printf( "\n decodmsg: %s", decodmsg );
    fifteenthfilter = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    decodPRC = strtok( NULL, wasteitems );
    printf( "\n decodPRC: %s \n\n", decodPRC );
    //intPRN = atoi(decodPRN);
    intPRN = strtol(decodPRN,NULL, 100);
    printf("intPRN: %3d, intPRN");

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    Why are you using base 100? Also, strtol and atoi aren't your problems. Here, I'll prove it to you:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    int main( void )
        char foo[] = "1234";
        int bar;
        bar = atoi( foo );
        printf("bar is %d\n", bar );
        return 0;
    Finally, please learn how to use printf, and turn on your compiler's warnings and listen to them!
    printf("intPRN: %3d, intPRN");

    printf("intPRN: %3d", intPRN);
    This isn't the first time I've showed you that you weren't using printf right.

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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    ok, that was an error on the last line.

    if you lok at the previous part of the code, i think its pretty obvious i know how to use it.........

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