Thread: Reading a file in 1-kilobyte chunks...

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    Reading a file in 1-kilobyte chunks...

    How do I read a file in 1 KB chunks and send them to a client? Here's the server:
    SOCKET s = accept(Socket, NULL, NULL);
    if (s != SOCKET_ERROR)
        char filename[MAX_PATH] = "";
        recv(s, filename, MAX_PATH, 0);
        if (filename)
            FILE *f = fopen(filename, "rb");
            if (f)
                char buf[1024] = "";
                while (feof(f) == 0)
                    fread(buf, 1024, 1, f);
                    send(s, buf, (int) strlen(buf), 0);
    And here's the client:
    char filename[MAX_PATH] = "OMGWTF.txt";
    send(Socket, filename, MAX_PATH, 0);
    int len;
    char buf[1024];
    FILE *f = fopen(filename, "wb");
        len = recv(Socket, buf, 1024, 0);
        fwrite(buf, len, 1, f);
    } while (len != 0);
    The received file is about 2 times larger than the original. What's wrong?

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    Well for starters, stop using feof to control your loop. Read the FAQ if you want to know why it's wrong. Why are you opening in binary mode, and then treating the contents like a string? Why are you ignoring the return value of fread? Etc., etc.

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