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    Unhappy how get ip address on 2 network cards

    hi, My machine has 2 network cards, and I use network card which is not default card connect to server. I wanna get ip address from this network card, but gethostbyname() give me only default ip address card which I don't want. What function should I use instead? or you guy has an brilliant idea with this function? Thank you in advance.
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    Yet another post which neglects any useful information, like which OS and compiler is being used.
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    I am so sorry for this topic, but I am actually a newbie. I am not good at socket programmimg, and I tried to find relate topic, but didn't find it. So what is the solution, or you can post the related topic, thank you.

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    Apparently you can't read either. Let's refresh your memory:
    Quote Originally Posted by Salem
    Yet another post which neglects any useful information, like which OS and compiler is being used.

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    Due to my project is an api, which is used for Linux, Sun, Windows, AIX , so I can't list you all information about OS and compiler. Sorry for neglect posting .
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    For Windows (using Winsock 2), use WSAIoctl() with SIO_GET_INTERFACE_LIST.

    For *nix, use ioctl() with SIOCGIFCONF. Using this in a system independent manner is a mess. SVR4-based systems do it differently from BSD-based systems. You'll also find differences between Sun-OS versions themselves. There are several different code examples in comp.protocols.tcp-ip:


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    ACE is a multi-platform communications library. ACE::get_ip_interfaces includes code to get interface addresses on more platforms than you could poke a stick at.

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    Thank you all of you,

    I have another question to ask. I found bug with my api when I use my second network card to connect to server. how can I get actual ip of connecting network card (the second one) ? Because I used gethostbyname function and it gives me only primary ip of network card. Because my api project is a low level programming that mean it uses a basic function such a gethostbyname, gethostname, getsockname, etc. Which one of these functions can solve the problem? Thank you in advance.

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    the regular socket API (socket, accept, connect, send, recv, listen, bind, ...) is supported both by posix and MS compilers, so it's safe to assume portability to a large number of systems.

    gethostbyname() returns a hostent struct pointer. Examine field h_addr_list
    #include <iostream>
    #include <cstring>
    #include <arpa/inet.h>
    #include <netdb.h>
    #include <sys/socket.h>
    typedef unsigned long ip_t;
    ip_t* gethostaddr(const char *hn,ip_t* ips = NULL,uint sz = 0){
    	static const unsigned int IPBSSZ = 1024;
    	static ip_t ipbs[IPBSSZ];
    	if(ips==NULL){ ips=ipbs;sz=IPBSSZ; }
    	else if(sz==0) return NULL;
    	else if(sz==1){ *ips=0;return ips; }
    	struct hostent *hostinfo = gethostbyname(hn);
    		uint k, szip = ((signed)sizeof(ip_t))>hostinfo->h_length?hostinfo->h_length:sizeof(ip_t);
    		for(k=0;hostinfo->h_addr_list[k] && k+1<sz && k<(IPBSSZ-1);k++){
    			ips[k] = ntohl(ips[k]);
    	}else{//probably was an ip
    	return ips;
    const char* inet_ipttoa(ip_t ip, char*b = NULL){
    	static char ips[22];
    	if(b==NULL) b=ips;
    	return b;
    int main(){
    	ip_t* ips = gethostaddr("");
    	while( *ips )
    	return 0;
    to get the ips of your computer, use it's network name.
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