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    Unhappy advanced scanf in c programming

    In my C program I want a user to enter a formula, such as an equation of a line in a graph. As of now I have the data entered going into an array. In every event that the user enters an "x" i want to submit a variable into. For example: If the user enters: x*x+x-2, I would like to take that input and put in different values for every time he or she entered "x". Any idea how? Or do you need more information/detail? Thanks.

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    If all you are doing is replacing variables in an expresion, then the easiest way would be to walk through the array replacing every occurance of x with a number.
    for (int i = 0; i < arraySize; i++)
        expression[i] = (i == 'x') ? myNumber : expression[i];
    If , however, you are building an equation and are looking for results, then you will need to go more into detail by converting the infix notation to postfix notation to adhere to the order of operation. This can get very detailed, so I am going to avoid going in to it. You can download some infix to postfix conversion examples from if you are interested.

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