Thread: Determining values on a web page

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    Determining values on a web page

    Hey everyone...

    I'm scripting in LoadRunner and I'm trying to figure out how to capture a particular scenario. For example, a form is submitted on the web and results are either returned or not returned based on the data submitted. The results that are returned are in the form of radio buttons and several can be available on the same page. There is also a confirm button.

    The way I want to accomplish this is by using an IF/ELSE statement to randomly select any radio button IF results are returned AND submit the application (select the confirm button), ELSE exit the app.

    I realize this may be a LoadRunner specific question, but I'm trying to get the foundation behind the code to establish how something like this might be determined.

    I appreciate all your efforts!

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    You need to go to a LoadRunner board for help with your specific problem. The general issue is related to the rules behind the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), just google for the RFCs behind CGI and you will get all you need to know (and probably a lot more). I expect that LoadRunner abstracts all the CGI protocol for you, so knowing the underlying bits is probably a waste of your time if you are going to stick with it.

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