Thread: fill unsigned char array with hex values

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    fill unsigned char array with hex values

    im trying to fill an unsigned char array with hex values (0x12 0x23 etc)
    read in from a text file, i have searched this forum, but not found exactly what i need and my limited knowledge prevents me from adapting the code snippets i found to my needs. the code snippet i have is as follows, i am not posting the whole program because previously i have been flamed for doing that.

     FILE *file;
        U8 instructions;
        U8 hexbyte = 0x00;
        U8 hexnibh = 0x00;
        U8 hexnibl = 0x00;
        U8 memory[10] = {0x00};
        U8 progmemory[10] = {0x00};
        U8 convert = 0x00;
        U8 i = 0x00;
        file = fopen("f:\\L_Endian.txt", "r");
        while(! feof(file)){
        fscanf(file, "%c", &memory[instructions++]);
            hexnibh =(hexnibh - '0');
            hexnibh = (hexnibh << 4);
        fscanf(file, "%c", &memory[instructions++]);
            hexnibl =(hexnibl - '0');
            hexbyte = (hexnibh ^ hexnibl);
            progmemory[i++] = hexbyte;

    what i want to do is read in a file with numbers like 1234567890...
    convert to hex values
    into an array[0x12]

    each element being an unsigned char type
    this code nearly works except i get extra (unwanted)byte 0x0A and in the array

    if thas has been done allready can you point me to the location please


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    > U8 instructions;
    You don't initialise it to 0 before using it to populate your array

    > while(! feof(file))
    Don't do this - see the FAQ
    feof() is an indication of the past (have I just gone past end of file), not a prediction (am I at the end yet)

    > this code nearly works except i get extra (unwanted)byte 0x0A and in the array
    Well you're using %c to read each character from the file, and this includes all the newlines.
    Add an if() to compare for '\n' characters and react appropriately.
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