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    Question Run function from text file

    I need to run different sequences of function. Each sequence will be saved into a text file. My problem is how can I run the function by reading the text file ?

    For example : I have 3 functions : sum (int i, int j), average(int i, int j), logic (int i, int j). I made a text file and the content is : sum, average, logic. When my program read this text file, it will run function sum, follow by average and then logic.

    Question : How to call those function from text file ?


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    One way:
    Read each line into memory (fgets), then use strcmp() to compare the string against your list of known functions, and invoke the appropriate one.

    fgets(buf, ......)
    if (strcmp(buf, "average") == 0)
    etc etc
    Naturally the above is simplistic. You'll need to make the code a bit smarter to actually work, that's a good challenge, right?!
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