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    fgets help!!

    yes, im a newb. now that its out of the way, i need a little help with the fgets() and fscanf() functions ...

    while (fgets(tvshow, NAMESIZE, inFile) != NULL)
    		fscanf(inFile, "%s", &tvshow);
    		printf("\n%s", tvshow);
    basically im trying to create a loop where a text file is opened and each line is read and then displayed on the screen. the file and everything works fine but for some reason it only displays the first word of each name. for example "The Simple Life" will only appear as "The". I think i might have to put a statement in that allows it to keep reading the line when it reaches a blank space, i just dont know how to do it. any help is appreciated. thanks

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    well, if you want to read the data and just print it on screen why dont u do this
    int main()
        FILE *fp;
        char str[80];
            printf("Error: Opening file");
    and my text is
    this is a test message
    this is how fgets read the data
    and prints it on the screen

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    You've already read the line, when you call fgets in your loop statement. So why are you trying to read again with fscanf? Consider reading the FAQ entries on getting a line.

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    . . . it only displays the first word of each name. For example "The Simple Life" will only appear as "The".
    That's what scanf does. scanf(), fscanf(), or sscanf() . . . it's all the same. I don't know how to fix it, but you can, I've seen someone (Salem I think) do it.

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