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    Integer power

    What i gotta do:

    Write a function called "integerPower(base, exponent)" that calculates and then returns the value of base to the power exponent. For example, if you invoke the function in the following manner:


    the function should return the value 81 (3 * 3 * 3 * 3 = 81). Assume that "exponent" is a positive nonzero integer and that "base" is an integer. You should use type "long" to represent the exponent and base. The function should return a "long" value as well. Do NOT use any math library functions as part of your solution.

    Write a main() function to use (and test) your integerPower() function. Your main() function should request a base and exponent value from the user and then invoke the function with the values provided by the user.

    As a general rule, it is prefered that you NOT input or output (scanf or printf) from inside a function. By having the calling program (main() in our case) do all the input and output, your function remains more general purpose.

    What i got .... cant seem to get the function workin properly
    #include <stdio.h>
    long integerpower( long base, long exponent );
    int main()
    	long base;
    	long exponent;
    	printf("\nEnter the base value: ");
    	scanf("%d", &base);
    		printf("Enter the exponent value(must be a positive integer): " );
    		scanf("%d", &exponent);
    		printf("\nInvalid data entered, try again!\n" );		
    	}	while(exponent<0);
    	printf("%d raised to the power %d is: %d\n\n", base, exponent , integerpower);
    	return 0; 
    long integerpower(long base, long exponent)
      if (exponent == 1)
        return base;
        return(base * integerpower(base, exponent -1));

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       printf("%ld raised to the power %ld is: %ld\n\n", base, exponent,
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    Easy as pie sir.
    #include <stdio.h>
    int Power(int base, int pow){
    //Special Cases:
        if (pow == 0) {return 1;}
        if (pow < 0)   {return 0;}  //No negative power is an integer
        int result=1;
             for(int i=0;i<pow;i++){
                   result *= base;
        return result;
    int main(){
        return 0;
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    thx bro....... haha wut a simple mistake ..... awell thx for the correction

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