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    project idea ???

    Hi !

    I don't know if I can post this, but I'll give it a try. I in dire need of a project idea to put on my resume. I have basic knowledge of C, c++ and some knowledge in data structures and I am looking for a project idea something I can work on to show in my resume.

    The problem is this is going to be my first project and I don't really have any knowledge about windows programming or graphics....

    Several dull ideas like :

    a linked list based contacts manager (working in command mode)
    a book library linked list based ( command mode)

    have popped into my mind but these are worthless without attaching a interface to it, nobody wants to work on these in DOS.

    Can anyone give me some suggestions to work on that do not need any windows programming or any graphics. I am open to work these in three different platforms C, C++ and 8085 assembly

    looking forward towards some brainstorming !!!!!

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    You can Proceed with the any of the projects you have mentioned. to make it more appealing try to explore the functions present in conio.h header file. then can make ur project look better as they provide good interface without graphics and windows

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