Thread: Really really silly question

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    Really really silly question

    I am kinda confused and I had to ask this. In a statement like
    while((x <= 10) && (y > 8) && (z != 0))
        do something
    The statements in the body of the while will NOT execute when any of the conditions is not true, right? Thanks and sorry

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    How about writing a test case and finding out for yourself?
    x = 11, y = 7, z = 1;
    if( (x <= 10) && (y > 8) && (z != 0) )
        printf("Is this what you expect?\n");

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    why not just try it?

    ... and yes, when they are not true, and perhaps even if they arn't not false.

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    Really really silly question

    yes, in a test condition , if we are checking for an AND operation
    if any condition gives false , the compiler won't check for any
    other condition and we will come out of the loop immediately.

    Similarly for an OR operation if any condition gives true , the
    compiler won't check for any of the remaining condition and will
    perform the required function
    Rajat kochhar

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    a quick and important note:
    the cicle only break when the expression is evaluated, which happens at the beginning of every cicle.
    if somehow some of the variables on the expression change it's value, the cicle won't break, it'll continue normally until it restarts and re-avaluates the expression

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    What's a cicle?

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    >What's a cicle?
    cycle, where I believe cycle equates to loop.

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