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    Talking colours!

    this is prob very simple but anyone know if and how to change the colour of text in c

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    I'm using the Borland C++ v5.5 free compiler - in the <conio.h> header file there are functions for setting text and background colours, the declarations are:

    void textbackground(int colour), where colour is 0 - 7
    void textcolor(int colour), where colour is 0 - 15

    These will only work on text printed with functions using direct video output ie cprintf() and cputs(), again these functions are in conio.h, so if you haven't got that then I can't help..

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    perhaps it's in the faq... but set up a pointer to b800:0000 and, within that 32k (80x25x2) boundary you can do all you want with text... ixnay the library functions... but if you are using other text modes this might change... look up ralph brown's interrupt list for more information...
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