Thread: Serial / Printer Port Programming

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    Serial / Printer Port Programming

    The Story:
    A project was presented to me and it involves Web Programming, Kernel Tweaking and A Kiosk Interface.. its all good..

    and all of a sudden.... my friend told me.. "Ahh also.. we need to control 7 lights to go on and off and that should be controlled by your system".....

    All Hell Breaks Loose!

    The Question:
    1) Is C the right tool for the job? (i dont want to go.. ASM on LINUX )
    2) My Guess is to control the on and off switch via Printer Port.
    3) Can any1 point me into some sort of a hardware/software/code that would do such thing?


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    Nice Links! Tnx!

    Gonna dig into it!

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