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    #define and #undef

    I have following code in .h file

    #define ABC 1

    #define PQR 1

    #if (ABC == 1)
    #define PQR 0

    Is it ok to say so or do I need to say undef PQR?

    What is difference between two?

    Apart from this, Any link for good pre-processor tutorails is appreciated...


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    You never need to #undef. You can, but redefinition is allowed (as far as macros are concerned anyway).
    #define FOO 1
    #define FOO 0
    Perfectly legal.

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    Well if you don't use #undef, you'll probably get "macro redeclared" errors.

    Like goto's, you can create a huge mess very quickly if you keep definining and undefining things, so it's use needs to be pretty exceptional.
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