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    Beginer's questions

    Dear forum users,

    I would be appreciate if you anyone could help me start off with this. I have all lost right now.
    I have few questions which are from A to Z. Hope you all will not mind answering them.

    I have completed C Programming course but not C++ due to my busy shedule.
    I have learned that even Python Programming Language written and build from C.
    It suprieseeeeed me!!!

    How great then C be...

    My Questions :

    1) Is it possible to use C to write CGI?
    2) Possible write Web scripts fully based on C?
    3) Writing CGI onC, can able to send emails, receive pop mails?
    4 Writing CGI on C, can be able to access database like 'MySQL'?

    Well, I've been working Microsoft Web Development so far but caught
    interests with this Open-Source world. Have a curisity about how far can possible
    go on just on 'C' or 'C++' before migrating myself into it.

    Thanks guys for any single piece of your responds,


    - Lost in this Open-Source World as cant find a right path or place
    to set myself like how I can always turn to Microsoft office in any case....

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    Yes, it's possible to do all 4 of those things with C. I've personally done all but #4 myself.
    If you understand what you're doing, you're not learning anything.

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    Database Access?

    So you have tired yourself before accessing to database with C based programs.
    How about CGI with Purely written on C?

    If at least, it's possible with a database, I can come up with possiblity for other databases too.

    thanks for your repsonse and hope to hear from you soon.

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    Will any have experience working on ASP, ASP.NET scripting language which is not very difficult to code around migirant to those complicated coding envirnoment?

    As I wonder and bit curious to know, is C comparable to ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Perl?
    I've not much experience in Perl.

    I've worked on ASP, ASP.Net, PHP & few languages. Of course, C is my first Programming I've learned. But I'm well adopted to the Ms envirnoments . I dislike this because of the restrications within MS prodocts.

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