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    replacing a line in a file

    I have a file which looks like this :
    level 1
    name hans
    score 2
    level 2
    name peter
    score 4
    level 3
    name me
    score 3
    If I break the record, I want to update the score in the file. I don't have a clue how to do it though. This is what I have so far :
    void writeHighScore(HighScore *hs){
    	FILE *f;
    	char mod[12], value[12];
    	int ival, okWrite = 0;
    	f = fopen("test.dat", "r+");
    	if ( !f ) return;
    	while (!feof(f)) {
    		if (fscanf(f, "%s %s", mod, value) != 2) break;
    		if ( H_strCompare(mod, "level") ){
    			ival = atoi(value);
    			if (ival == G->field->level){
    				printf ("%s %s\n", mod, value);
    				okWrite = 1;
    		else if ( H_strCompare(mod, "name") ){
    			if (okWrite){
    				printf ("%s %s\n", mod, value);
    				//what to do here ?
    		else if ( H_strCompare(mod, "score") ){
    			if (okWrite){
    				printf ("%s %s\n", mod, value);
    				//what to do here ?
    				okWrite = 0;
    Is there a way to delete the contents of those lines, and replacing them by another one ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    1) Use binary mode and write the binary integer out. Then you can just seek to the point, and rewrite that integer / long / whatever, assuming you've opened the file correctly.
    2) Use text mode, read in the file, rewrite the whole thing with the changes you've made in memory.

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