Thread: performing continuous integration

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    performing continuous integration

    I'm currently doing a project requiring to perform wavelet transform on C.
    I would like to seek help on how to program continuous integration(esp from -infinity to infinity). Or is it only possible to do discret summation (using for/while loop).


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    In general, I think what you are asking is:
    given a set of points, ie (x1,y1), (x2,y2),....,
    how to integrate over the curve that is established by those points. What you need to do is find an algorithm or subroutine or function, any of the above, that describes those points in a polynomial curve. Given a set of discrete points, you should get a polynomial of the general form: a1xE0 + a2xE1 + a3xE3 + .......where E means exponent, x is the x coordinate of the x,y graph, and the a's are coefficients. Given this polynomial for the curve, you would then simply integrate it, and evaluate it at its limits. Hope I haven't been too vague here. Mike

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