Thread: send() characters from integers

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    send() characters from integers

    If i use the following statement:
    the ascii correspondent to 'number' will be printed, how can i do the same with the send command?

    this is an example of the send() command:
    but for this, i cannot convert the variable type when i send it...

    is there a way to send variables using the '%c', '%d' etc. constants?
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    send(Socket, &Charactor, 1, 0);
    Charactor should be of type char or another type that is one byte in size. Once you've received it you can use printf to display it as a char or number.
    [edit]If it must send a string you can use printf and then send the output string with send
    send(Socket, str, strlen(str)+1, 0);
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    thanks, problem solved

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