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    network traffic

    trying to write a program
    where there will b a n*n network
    and there will b a weightage associated with
    each edge if there is a connection between 2 nodes.
    guyz how can i dynamically(randomly) set up the calls between
    the nodes and wud like to record the arrival and exit time.....
    some ideas how can i do that.......a friend of mine
    told me to do by poisson distrubution.........but
    don't have a clue how to implement that.......

    plz help gyz.............

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    don't hit enter so often when posting. It sounds like you're trying to set up a graph of some sort. There have been entire books written on graphs and the algorithms to go along with them. I'm not certain of your programming level, but I'd suggest passing over this problem for now, and come back later. To the problem I mean. You can stay here as long as you'd like.

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