Thread: Is It Possible To Install Multiple Compilers?

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    Is It Possible To Install Multiple Compilers?

    Hello everyone. I'm a beginner in C programming, and I was just a little curious:

    Is it possible to install multiple compilers (on the same platform)? For instance, is it possible to install, say, Compiler A and Compiler B on the same platform (say, a computer running Win32)?

    I was wondering because I've heard various things from novices saying "you can use both compilers on the same computer," while others say, "you can only use one compiler on one computer."

    If you can install (and "run") multiple compilers on the same platform, how is this done? Is it as simple as installing the software? Any suggestions and/or answers would be appreciated. Thanks.


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    I'm pretty sure its just like installing any software. then when you want to run and use one you just start it up.
    good luck.
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    Sure you can - I have Borland 5.5 and DJGPP on one machine, and TC2.01, DevC++,DJGPP and VC++ on another.

    So long as you install them in their own directory structure, you shouldn't have any more trouble than what you would normally expect from installing more s/w.
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    hint - if you reinstall a compiler or upgrade, always uninstall it first...this seems to lead to problems with many of the compilers i've encountered....with dev-c++ it's almost mandatory
    i seem to have GCC 3.3.4
    But how do i start it?
    I dont have a menu for it or anything.

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