Thread: Send/receive at the same time problem

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    Send/receive at the same time problem

    I'm making an telnet kind of client in C and have a little problem.
    Since I'm a half-newbie in networking I couldn't figure out how to receive data with a loop and in the same time have the ability to send.
    Pseudo code :

    receive data
    print data
    end loop

    But I'd like to send data with the standart console input too ..
    I tried
    Pseudo code :
    get input
    send input
    receive data
    end loop

    but then the program waits for the input before receiving ..
    I'd like to receive and send at the same time,without the receive depending on the input.
    I would appreciate ideas.Thanks.

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    You mean, you want to print to stdin? I don't think you can do that.

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    No. They mean they want unbuffered input. This is OS and compiler specific.

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    Threads wont work with this sort of thing?

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