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    Post C language revisited

    hi guys,
    im new to the group and the main reason i joined is that i have to
    learn the C programming language in more in-depth manner.

    i have done some small C programming back in my university years and
    it was 4 years ago. my former jobs did not need some programming
    works so i totally abandoned the world of programming for the past 4

    now im into this new job and our company is into digital music
    gadgets and i was asked to learn assembly language and "master" my C

    question is, can you recommend a good compiler or IDE for me? i used
    turbo C before when i was in college but that was years ago and im
    not sure if its the best way for me to go back to the C programming

    and another thing, would it be more advisable for me to master my C programming first then go on studying the C++?

    opinions please..


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    i prefer to use Dev c++, and i suggest many people to use that and at the same time it is avaliable free on the net, check out the FAQ for more details


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    You could also use RHIDE. It's the compiler I nearly always use.

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