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    sorting in linked lists

    Can we sort elements inside the linked list using qsort, if not what must we do to sort elements inside the linked list?

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <string.h>
    typedef struct elephant
    	char name[10];
    	struct elephant *next;
    void print_elephants( const ELEPHANT* ptr);
    int main()
    	/* define 3 ELEPHANT variables and 1 pointer to elephant. */
    	ELEPHANT elephant1, elephant2, elephant3, *start;
    	/* Store elephants' name */
    	strcpy(, "Jake" );
    	strcpy(, "Elmer" );
    	strcpy(, "Kent" );
    	/* link elephants */ = &elephant2;	/* Edna points to Elmer */ = &elephant3;	/* Eloise is last */
    	/* start contains the address of the first node */
    	start = &elephant1;
    	print_elephants( start );
    	return EXIT_SUCCESS;
    void print_elephants( const ELEPHANT* ptr)
    	int count = 1;
    	printf( "\n\n\n");
    	while ( ptr != NULL )
    		printf( "\nElephant number %d is %s.", count++, ptr -> name );
    		ptr = ptr -> next;

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    No, you can't use qsort.

    Write your swap function to swap to nodes. Write a compare function that compares two nodes. Then write a sort function which uses these two functions.

    Or use google to find out how to sort linked lists!

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    Try implementing mergesort, since it works rather nicely with LLs.
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