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    Check Operating System

    Hey, I was wondering how one would go about checking what operating system the user was working in. That's all thanks
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    Standard C doesn't care about which OS you're on, so there is no standard way to find out. Not that this is much of a problem, since each OS has a different executable format (not to mention many different processor types), you can't just compile a bit of code and then expect it to execute on any machine.

    When you compile the code, you typically have
    #ifdef DOS
    /* code specific to DOS here */
    #elifdef WIN32
    /* code specific to Win32 here */
    #elif LINUX
    /* code specific to Linux here */
    #error Need another OS
    Unfortunately, there is no standard naming convention for those defines.

    An alternative is to put all the non-portable code into

    In either case, it's a good idea to minimise the amount of code in such places.
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    Alrighty, thanks. I was just wondering because in a program I'm writing / playing with, I want to clear the screen as the first thing i.e. windows: system("cls"); linux: system("clear"); but its not vital.. so thank you
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