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    Unhappy C Program Compilation in Linux

    I have prepared a C Program in LINUX which has the following command line:

    AP[i][j]*temp.T[i][j] = AE[i+1][j]*temp.T[i+1][j]+AW[i-1][j]*temp.T[i-1][j]+ AN[i][j+1]*temp.T[i][j+1]+ AS[i][j-1]*temp.T[i][j-1];

    the error message on compilation is: invalid lvalue assignment.
    Why is this error coming? I am not able to understand how to get over this error. Please suggest.



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    well, AP[i][j]*temp.T[i][j] gives a result. You can't assign anything to a result. The C programming language will not solve equations for you, you have to do that yourself! To take a simpler example:
    /* say I want to solve the equation a * b = c + d ... */
    double a,b,c,d;
    /* I know b, c and d. I want to solve for a */
    b = 5.0; c = 20.0; d = 15.0;
    a = (c + d) / b;
    /* print out the answer */
    printf("answer: a = %g\n", a);

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