Thread: Using a Debugger

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    Using a Debugger

    Specifically, I'd like to learn how to use the debugger built into Dev C++. Debugging by my own means is becoming quite stressful.

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    Have you tried the help files and the website for help first? They should get you started.Then come back with more specific questions once you have had a go.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    Yeah the debugger that comes with dev-c++ is really simple to use. I'm sure I never needed to read any help manuals and I'm not as intelligent as most of the people on this board

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    > I'd like to learn how to use the debugger built into Dev C++.
    Practice using the debugger on a program you know works.

    Then add a bug to that program and then work out how you would find it using the debugger.

    Repeat for several more bugs until you get the idea.
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