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    Access Violation error

    Hi -

    I'm having problems with a small bit of code. If I wasn't so tired and my brain wasn't so fried I'm sure I'd be able to solve the problem but here's the code:

    ListNode *vectorlist_create(int nodeAmount)
    	ListNode *listHead=0;
    	ListNode *node;
    	int count=0;
    	/*Add a node onto the vector list - allocating space with each new node*/
    		node->next=(ListNode *)malloc(sizeof(ListNode));
    		node->next->vector=(Vector *)malloc(sizeof(Vector));
    	return listHead;
    It compiles/builds fine but when I try to run it i just get an evil error message back at me and this bit of code is where the program lies. It's an access violation which normally means I havent allocated memory somewhere?

    Anyways thanks so much for any help


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    'node' doesn't point to an actual instance of anything. In other words, it has no space allocated for it.

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    And what's with all the malloc casting in C?
    There's a FAQ on the subject.
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