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    time converting

    Hi! I am learning programming in C and I am trying to make a programme to convert the seconds in days, hours, minutes, and remaing seconds.
    I have been discussed this problem earlier and got good response but I'm still unable to find the desired result.

    I am using code like this

    int s,m,h,d;
    printf("Enter the number of seconds and press return:");
    scanf("%d", &s);
    // calculating the number of days
    printf("total days are %d",d);

    Now I want to calculate the remaining seconds in hours, minutes, and seconds.
    Can any one help me.

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    itsme@dreams:~/C$ cat timebrkdwn.c
    #include <stdio.h>
    #define SEC_PER_MIN  60
    #define SEC_PER_HOUR 3600
    #define SEC_PER_DAY  86400
    int main(void)
      int s, m, h, d;
      printf("Enter the number of seconds and press return: ");
      scanf("%d", &s);
      // Days
      d = s / SEC_PER_DAY;
      s %= SEC_PER_DAY;
      // Hours
      h = s / SEC_PER_HOUR;
      s %= SEC_PER_HOUR;
      // Minutes
      m = s / SEC_PER_MIN;
      s %= SEC_PER_MIN;
      printf("Days: %d, Hours: %d, Minutes: %d, Seconds: %d\n", d, h, m, s);
      return 0;
    itsme@dreams:~/C$ ./timebrkdwn
    Enter the number of seconds and press return: 923874
    Days: 10, Hours: 16, Minutes: 37, Seconds: 54
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