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    Problem with strings


    i need help with transforming intergers into strings. I will have 2 intergers that i will have to make into a string and then display it as a file name. how can i do this without using sprintf.
    so the file name should look like this "list24to30.txt" where 24 and 30 are the intergers that were entered. can anyone help me please. Thanks.

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    Well, since your teacher doesn't want you to use sprintf(), you should write your own function similar to itoa() that accepts an integer and returns a string.

    First, you need to be able to break an integer into its respective digits. Then, you need to change each digit to its character equivalent.

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    i can break the intergers into their character equavalents but i dont know how to put them together into a single string, since my intergers can range from 1 to 1000, i dont know how many character variables will be needed.

    if my interger is 131, then i had,

    a = 1
    s = 3
    d = 1

    but how can i put them together into a single string.

    then i had char str[] = a,s',d
    which would give me a string of 131 but next time my varaible would be 13, but then the char 'a' would not be used. how can i get around that?

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