Thread: gcc Wall versus pedantic

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    gcc Wall versus pedantic

    When using gcc or g++ I am a little confused at what the exact differece between: -Wall, -pedantic and -ansi options actually are?

    Also, what is the differece between ISO and ANSI standard? I know this could be a real BIG question, but a real basic explaination would be greatly appreciated.
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    Wall shows all the warnings. pedantic will be pedantic and will not compile.
    That's probably not the best explanation.

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    > -Wall
    Turns on a whole bunch of warnings

    > -ansi
    Turns on all the ANSI diagnostics that GNU agree with, and turns off all the GNU-ism's

    > -pedantic
    Turns on more ANSI diagnostics which GNU doesn't necessarily agree with. Occasionally useful, but also for language lawyers to argue over

    > what is the differece between ISO and ANSI standard?
    Price - copies of the ISO standard are much more pricey than the ANSI standard.
    Other than that there is no technical difference between the two, though you should really refer to the ISO standard since it is the international version.
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