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    i am developing a calculator in C using GTK+, the code below activates when the cosine button is clicked. i can read the text from the textview, but don't know how to assign the data in text to a char array. i would be grateful for any assistance.

    static gchar str[] = "";
    static num1;
    on_BTN_COS_clicked(GtkButton       *button,
                                            gpointer         user_data)
    	GtkWidget *resultfld;
    	gchar *text;
    	resultfld = GTK_ENTRY(lookup_widge(button, "entry1"));
    	text = gtk_entry_get_text(resultfld); 
    ???????	str == text; /// need to asign data in *text to str[] ?????
            num1 = strtod( str, &p);
    	num1 = cos(num1);
    	gtk_entry_set_text(resultfld, str);

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    make sure you have enough memory allocated and use memcpy()

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    use g_strcpy () for copying characters from array to other
    instead of using strtod use g_strtod () or g_ascii_strtod()
    replace sprintf to g_sprintf () and ...
    check glib manual, it tells you more information about these.
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