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    C Execl Telnet


    I'm trying to write a C function that will send an email using Telnet.

    I have already both written some C functions and manually gone through the steps at a command prompt that I need Telnet to do to send an Email.

    I found a set of functions starting with EXEC that execute commands - I believe as if it were being called in a command prompt but im not sure.

    When I use the following line of code the function never completes its execution and i need to kill the application.


    All that this should do is start Telnet and pass a command to Telnet telling it to quit ... I tried this with different variations of characters after quit - i was trying to pass a return character because I believed that passing quit without return was like typing quit at the command prompt without pressing enter - and expecting it to execute.

    Does anyone have an idea of what I'm doing wrong?

    Does anyone know how to use Telnet from a C function?


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    Instead of using execl() try using popen() so you can send commands to telnet.
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