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    Looking for communication lib

    Hello, I developed with C a simple communication program between my Palm and a PC application running as server. I use simple AT commands to call the PC's modem and to establish a communication channel. Then I use a protocol I invented to login and exchange data with the server.

    Basically, this protocol is layered in subprotocols: a protocol to format packets of data with error check data ( a simple checksum ) is the lower protocol, while higher protocols exchange files and implement server autentication.

    My question is: can I do the same thing ( point to point communication using modems ) by using an existent communication library? Does such a library exist? Can anyone give me a hint on a simple and robust communication library to use to implement a server waiting for a client call?

    Thank you all for the help,
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    My guess would be to look round here first.
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    Thank you for the suggestion, but I need of an "abstract" communication library, so that I can use it to build a Client on a PalmOS system and a Server on a WinXP server.

    Also, I'd like more to have an opensource library, so that I can study it and if possible personalize it.

    My little lib works, but it's too simple to make a secure connection. I can ecnrypt data, I implemented also this service, but I'd like to get a "professional" comm. library, which should be more secure, more efficient and more stable.

    Thank you for any suggestion by your experience,

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    The PPP protocol is supported by kernel routines in Linux, for example.

    Here is an overview of what the 2.4 Linux kernel does with PPP:

    Get kernel source for Linux (part of every distro) and start digging. I do not know of a standalone PPP library, except for TeleSoft's source code library - but it is licensed.

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