Thread: Help. I don't know how to solve my problem in a program I wrote.

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    Help. I don't know how to solve my problem in a program I wrote.

    Hello to all.

    I'm sorry but I'm just new at C programming and new to this forum as well. A friend told me that I could get some good advice regarding C programming here.

    I've written a simple program while practicing the basics of C programming (and I mean BASICS - simple conditionals and scanfs...).

    I'm having a problem with the program I wrote. I was able to compile and run it and it did work. The only problem was it won't wait for the user to type in the gender and the prompting of the user's home adress is a bit messy.

    I was hoping you guys can solve this problem. I'll post in the code I've written. I hope someone can give me some insights on how I can solve this...

    (It's really quite simple actually. I just don't know what went wrong.)


    I attatched the file named test8.c since I can't post the whole code here...

    Thanks again. More power to this forum.

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    Well, you're asking the user to input their gender, but then you don't actually retrieve it until you've prompted for and retrieved their address.

    One thing that will probably give you problems is that scanf() leaves the trailing \n in the input buffer from when the user pressed ENTER and getchar() will grab that instead of what you're expecting it to grab.

    You might want to use scanf("%c", &gender); instead of using getchar(). Or you can clear the \n off the input buffer before using getchar() to retrieve their gender.
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