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    string arrays

    I am having trouble writing input from stdin to an array of strings in C. Forgive me if this is trivial but I really hate dealing with strings, they seem easy but never work for me. Here is some code fragments

    char *buf, **data;
    int i=0;
    data = calloc( ELEM_INIT, CHARS_INIT );
    buf = malloc( MAXBUF );
    assert( buf != NULL && data != NULL);
    while( fgets( buf, MAXBUF-1, stdin ) != NULL && i < ELEM_INIT)
       strcpy( data[i], buf );
    I get seg faults in the strcpy call. I have tried using memcpy/memmove with n=strlen(buf) but the same problem occurs. Any hints?


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    Thankyou so much, you have no idea how much this was @%*#ing me
    It all works now, guess I need to learn a bit more about malloc and pointers, maybe another day...

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