Thread: GetDlgItemInt not working

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    GetDlgItemInt not working

    I have a Dialog window and on it I have an edit box. I want to retrieve the integer value in the edit box and point it to a variable. However the following code does not work:

    int Pval1 = GetDlgItemInt(IDD_DLGPie, txtVal1, 0, FALSE);
    where IDD_DLGPie is my dialogue window and txtVal1 is the edit box.

    I place the code in the WM_COMMAND: case.

    Any thoughts?

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    For future reference, "does not work" doesn't tell me anything at all. What exactly happens, or doesn't, as the case may be. Does it compile? Does it run? Does it crash? Does it give you a value you don't expect? What is "does not work"?

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    Gives a warning:
    [Warning] passing arg 1 of `GetDlgItemInt' makes pointer from integer without a cast

    and returns a value of 0 when it's suppose to be something else.

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    The return value of zero indicates the function has failed and the warning message you're getting is telling you why: it requires the dialog(window) handle as the first parameter and not the id.

    See msdn: GetDlgItemInt for clarification.

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