Thread: reading chars with scanf

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    reading chars with scanf

    Im writing a program and in it I ask the user to enter a certain ammount of letters seperated by a space (i.e: "a b c"). How can I do this while making sure the input is valid (separated by a space)?


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    How about reading one character at a time and checking alternately for a letter and then a space?

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    isnt there a way to format scanf and then check the return value?

    something like :
    res = scanf("/*whatever*/", ***);

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    Well you would use fgets() to read a line, then sscanf to validate it.

    I suppose something like
    char buff[BUFSIZ], t1[BUFSIZ], t2[BUFSIZ], t3[BUFSIZ]
    fgets( buff, BUFSIZ, stdin );
    if ( sscanf( buff, "%s %s %s", t1, t2, t3 ) == 3 &&
        strlen( t1 ) == 1 && strlen( t2 ) == 1 && strlen( t3 ) == 1 ) {
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