Thread: Question about parsing a string from a line

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    Question about parsing a string from a line


    I've looked up the FAQ entry about sscanf but it doesn't quite suit my needs. In my program I have some data that is saved to a file in the form of an array of structs. To read this data I planned on saving each struct on a line then parsing the line using sscanf and then copying it into the appropriate struct variables. The problem: A string has to be read in, but the string may or may not have a space in it eg. "York" or "New York". As I understand sscanf would stop reading at the space in "New York" and in the case of my program try to copy the York into an integer. My question is how would I allow for strings that have a space in them, or would holding each bit of data on a separate line be the answer?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Well you would need some kind of delimiter between fields.
    Comma seems quite a good choice.

    Then look at say strtok()
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